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The Five-Minute Voyager Subsite FAQ

by Zeke

Q: What is Five-Minute Voyager (the subsite)?

It's the section of Five-Minute Voyager which is actually dedicated to Star Trek: Voyager. This was the first series we covered, so the distinction wasn't necessary at first, and only became important when we began adding other sections. It's referred to by the abbreviation 5MV, which is confusing since the main site is too.... (See the main Five-Minute Voyager FAQ for information about the site as a whole.)

Q: Who's in charge?

The section head of 5MV is Zeke. He's the founder of and primary contributor to the subsite; his major work here is most of Season 7 and all of Virtual Season 8. You can contact him at zeke@sci-fivers.com.ar.

Q: Is 5MV open for submissions?

Unfortunately, we are not taking any more guest fivers for Voyager. It took years, but all the episodes have now been either parodied or claimed.

Q: What's with Seasons 8 and 9? Didn't Voyager only run seven seasons?

Yes, canon Voyager ended with Season 7. Seasons 8 and 9 are virtual seasons published online by VVS, a fan project which ran from summer 2001 to New Year's 2003. Zeke offered to write parodies of their episodes as a cooperative venture between the two sites; the VS8 fivers are done, and VS9 is in progress.

The project itself is professionally done and well worth reading. Both Zeke and Kira were involved on the writing side, particularly in Season 9; you can read their episodes at the VVS site. Zeke's are also available in 5MV's Features section.

Q: Where did the French version of "Defenders of the Realm" come from?

VVS has several translation teams making the two seasons available in other languages. The French group, headed by Laurent Denis, decided to do the Season 9 parodies as well. "Defenders" is the first of these.

Q: What's that thing in the logo on the Season 9 page?

The new starship Voyager, NCC-74656-A. It's a Voyager-class ship (traditionally the first ship of a class has that class's name) built from a bizarre combination of Federation, Borg, and Sernaix technologies. Read the last few episodes of Season 8 for backstory on the decommissioning of the original Voyager and the construction of the new one. (The image used in the logo was provided specially by Reptile, VVS's technical advisor.)

Got a question you think should be in this FAQ? E-Mail it to Zeke.

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