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The Five-Minute Excelsior Subsite FAQ

by Zeke

Q: What is 5MXL?

Five-Minute Extra Large.

Q: Huh?

Microsoft Excel 5.

Q: Seriously.

Five-Minute One of the Bad Guys From that Weird Buzz Lightyear Cartoon Show.

Q: I'm leaving.

Oh, fine, I'll tell you. 5MXL is Five-Minute Excelsior, the subsite of FiveMinute.net dedicated to Starship Excelsior. (See the main Five-Minute Voyager FAQ for information about the site as a whole.)

Q: What's Starship Excelsior?

A fanmade Star Trek series. It's all audio, like an old radio show.

Q: Star Trek you can't watch? What's the point?

Hey, some of the books are pretty good. This is too. Give it a try and see how you like it.

Q: Who makes this Excelsior thing?

A group of dedicated fans led by an old friend of Zeke's (and FiveMinute.net's). The outside world knows him as James Heaney, but to us he's Wowbagger.

Q: Isn't that the guy TrekUnited made up?

You really shouldn't believe anything you read in This Just In.

Q: Who's in charge of 5MXL?

Zeke, who also runs FiveMinute.net as a whole. You can contact him at zeke@fiveminute.net.

Q: Is 5MXL open for submissions?

Yes, but since there's no video, you have to send them in Braille.

Q: Anything else I should know?

Yes! As part of an April Fool's event, the cast of Starship Excelsior actually recorded an audio version of the first three fivers (the fourth not having been written yet), creating an audiofiver. You can get the .mp3 here. The audio people went above and beyond on this one, going so far as to bring back long-departed voice actors. Wowbagger even kicks it off with a twist on our Statement of Purpose!

(I'd like to particularly thank the three good sports who recorded the slightly mean joke scene at the end of "The Valandrian Expedition". I had meant to tell Wowbagger that was optional.)

Got a question you think should be in this FAQ? E-Mail it to Zeke.

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