This Just In
ISSUE #9 JUNE 24, 2001

Zeke to write new This Just In article
by Zeke

OTTAWA, CANADA - In a recent announcement, Five-Minute Voyager webmaster "Zeke" has stated that a new This Just In article is currently in progress.

"Sorry about the delay," apologized Mr. Zeke. "What with three or four fivers in progress, several guest fivers to prepare, my continuing work with VVS8, various Real Life pressures, and a mild case of writer's block, I just haven't been able to come up with a good idea for an article. I can't write without a good idea; it wouldn't be good enough to just bring back all the recurring characters or something."

"That would be stupid," agreed lawyer Jeice O. Garricker, astronomer Weston Smythe, shipper Mary Sue Scrivener, and evil spokesman Joe Black.

"Anyway," continued Mr. Zeke, "I've solemnly resolved to get a new article posted Real Soon Now. Yes, I know that's a slang term for 'never.' I'm trying to be subtle, you uncultured swine."

Conversely, sources close to Zeke have suggested that the new article will indeed be ready soon -- possibly even today -- but will end abruptly, without the usual quotations from various members of the Trek community. This Just In is currently looking into the matter.

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