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The Top 10 Excuses for the Original Series Crew's Temporal Violations

An incursion of Time Travel Week

  1. Pike: Come on...if you only got to be Captain for one episode you'd change history too  
  2. Rand: Since when is adjusting Starfleet miniskirt length a crime?  
  3. Chapel: I doubt a few logic studies added to my past would affect the timeline that drastically. Of course, there is one change I'm counting on....  
  4. Sulu: I only wanted to meet my great-great-great-grandfather. They cut that scene from Star Trek IV!  
  5. Chekov: Well somebody had to fix the history books' interpretations of Russian history....  
  6. Uhura: All I wanted to do was take a gander at my birth certificate! You would too if you didn't know your first name!  
  7. Scotty: I was just convincing myself after season three to lay off the fatty foods  
  8. McCoy: I plead not guilty, by reason of insanity at the time  
  9. Spock: Edith Keeler MUST DIE!  
And the number one excuse for an Original Series crewmember's temporal violation....
  1. Kirk: "I'm from the 23rd century" is the greatest pickup line ever!  
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This list was originally published on June 27, 2002.

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