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Time Travel Week

June 24, 2002

In honor of Five-Minute Voyager's second birthday on June 15, 2002, for the week of June 24 to June 30, the 5MV Administration is proud to present Time Travel Week. You'll be seeing an unprecedented stream of new material, and here's a brief rundown:

Day 1

The last one requires some explanation, as there is a contest involved. "Paneldemonium" is a special feature written in seven parts by Zeke, IJD GAF, Marc Richard, and myself (Kira). The contest is to guess who wrote each part. And yes, there are real prizes involved. First prize, for the first person to correctly guess the authorship of all seven parts, is Zeke doing a fiver of your choice. The perfect prize for anyone who's been dying to see a particular episode fived by Zeke. Second prize, although not nearly as illustrious, may be just as fun. Ever wondered how insane the four of us really are? Well, the second person to guess all seven parts correctly will get to join myself, Zeke, Marc Richard, and IJD GAF in one of our insane real-time chats! This is perfect for anyone who's dying to know exactly what we're planning next. And anyone who's into blackmail....

Ahem. Yes. Anyways, feel free to speculate in the forums, but the only thing that counts is entries by email. If nobody gets all seven right, we'll take the closest person.

So buckle in, get some popcorn, and don't touch that dial because we're in for a ride!

Day 2

Day 15

Day -4

Day π

Day ∞

Day 1

Day Never

Day Soon

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