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Zeke presents....

The Top 10 Differences Between Voyager and Season 3 of Enterprise

A lightyear of Voyager Week

  1. Voyager was in an unfamiliar and frightening area of the galaxy, while... hmm. Okay, forget that, let's try another one.
  2. Voyager was alone, outpowered, and out of contact with Starfleet. Enterprise was... no, wait. Start over.
  3. The captain of Voyager was pushed to her limits and made harsh choices the crew didn't always... hmm. Hang on.
  4. Voyager's Starfleet crew had to integrate a group of outsiders with a different mindse-- arrgh. I'll get this.
  5. The main enemy of Voyager was a ruthless alien empire which... incorporated various races into one... dammit!
  6. Voyager's doctor was an eccentric... I mean, was the only one of his kind on the....
  7. Voyager's first officer was played by a griping....
  8. All right, I give the hell up. There are no differences.
  9. For God's sake, Delphic even sounds like Delta!
And the number one difference between Voyager and S3 Enterprise....
  1. And MACOs! Maquis! Come ON, people! Do you think we're stupid? That does it, I'm outta here.
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This list was originally published on November 19, 2004.

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