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Voyager Week

December 19, 2004

Yes, you read that correctly. This whole week will actually focus on the series the site gets its name from!

Longtime readers -- and I mean longtime -- know that this used to be purely a Voyager site. In fact, I didn't even do my first non-VOY fiver (First Contact) until I'd already been writing fivers for a year. But starting around the premiere of Enterprise, the amount of new VOY material dropped off massively. And I mean MASSIVELY. In 2004, there's been one -- count 'em, ONE -- new Voyager fiver. 2003 had six, but that was still only a very small percentage of the site's output. Why is this?

The explanation is simple. Since VOY had a big head start on the other Treks, more of it is accounted for. It's been about two years since we reached the point where there were no uncalled episodes left to assign. And not only is there less potential for new VOY material, there's less demand. ENT and other current shows have everyone's interest now.

But we on staff haven't forgotten the importance of VOY to the site. For some time now, there's been a feeling that we should give that series a little more attention. So after the fourth-anniversary implosion (discussed in more detail here), when we needed a theme for a smallish but still weeklong event, this came to mind quickly. Thus, welcome to Voyager Week!

VW has everything you've come to expect from 5MV theme weeks (after the many of them -- okay, 2 -- we've had). Fivers, both staff and guest. Top 10 lists. An all-new panel discussion. Surprise extras. And pie? You'd better believe it. Here's what's been published so far:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

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