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The Top 10 Lists Subsite FAQ

by Zeke

Q: What is this page?

It's an archive of Top 10 lists, written mainly by the staff of Five-Minute Voyager, of which this is a subsite. It's referred to by the abbreviation T10. (See the main Five-Minute Voyager FAQ for information about the site as a whole.)

Q: Who's in charge?

The section head of T10 is Zeke. He adds new lists whenever he or others on staff come up with them. You can contact him at zeke@sci-fivers.com.ar.

Q: Is T10 open for submissions?

Not as such. We take suggestions for future lists, but we don't take actual lists. (Now and then we've solicited lists from guest writers who specialize in a particular series.)

Q: What's with all those "girlfriend" lists?

I wrote the first few lists to entertain my friends at Deltachat, many of whom were P/Ters, Janewayites, and so forth. To make sure the lists would be original, I gave them the girlfriend twist. Why bother? Because I've seen a lot of Trek sites with Top 10 lists, and it bugs me that so many of them are the same, circulated over and over. So I've made it a general rule that my Top 10 list concepts should be a little off-the-wall, or at least very specific.

Q: Do you hate Brannon Braga?

No way. I'm one of his biggest fans, right up there with TrekToday's Caillan. I just thought it was funny.

Q: It wasn't particularly.

Bite me.

Got a question you think should be in this FAQ? E-Mail it to Zeke.

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