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5MD: Season 7
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Once More Unto the Breach" (May 23, 2006)
Image in the Sand Derek Dean (blurb forthcoming)
Shadows and Symbols Derek Dean (blurb forthcoming)
Take Me Out to the Holosuite saxamaphone Sisko tries to form a baseball team but gets a bunch of dead ringers.
Treachery, Faith, and the Great River Derek Dean After Weyoun dies, Weyoun betrays Weyoun to Weyoun (who's actually Odo in disguise).
New! Once More Unto the Breach Nate the Great Kor imitates the action of the tiger. A really senile tiger.
The Emperor's New Cloak Andy Taylor To prevent an attack of the cloaks, Mirror O'Brien recruits Quark and Rom. What? No, he's not desperate. What makes you say that?
Penumbra Andy Taylor Worf and Ezri do nothing. Yes, nothing. NOTHING! Meanwhile, everybody else really does do nothing.
'Til Death Do Us Part Andy Taylor Sisko gets married, because that always goes so well for him. The inlaws aren't happy.
Strange Bedfellows Andy Taylor The Breen make a last-ditch attempt to beat Morn at his own game. Dukat scores a Winn.
The Changing Face of Evil Andy Taylor When Sisko's ship defies its last, Damar picks up the slack. Winn makes a Solboring discovery.
When It Rains... Andy Taylor Dukat finds out the Kosst of -- okay, you know what? That does it. Not even I can justify these puns anymore.
Tacking Into the Wind Andy Taylor Odo comes unclean. Worf kills one last important Klingon for old time's sake.
Extreme Measures Andy Taylor Bashir and O'Brien have a boys' night out in Sloan's brain. One wonders how they both fit.
The Dogs of War Andy Taylor If Quark were any other man, Worf would kill him where he stood. Ezri and Julian finally resolve their plotline, to the vast relief of other characters eager to get on with their lives.
What You Leave Behind Andy Taylor Everybody dies. Everybody else leaves. The station shrinks to the size of a pea, crushing everybody left on board. Don't you just love happy endings?
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