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5MSV: Season 6
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Static" (March 8, 2007)
Zod Derek Dean Lex develops a Zod complex. Clark's in the zone.
Sneeze Derek Dean An archer comes to town, possibly to save the future from himself.
Wither Derek Dean That's Lex; Clark's Withouther. Also, crazy plant chick.
Arrow Derek Dean STOP! This is the NEW Green Lant-- er, Superman/Green Arrow!
Reunion Derek Dean Lex and Oliver face the consequences of that time they killed Duras.
Fallout Derek Dean Raya zones out, chews out, helps out, and bows out. Quite a workout.
New! Rage Derek Dean You always have all the answers, Green Arrow! Well, what's your answer to that--?
New! Static Derek Dean Clark fights a Zoner with a jonzz for bonzz. Lex finds a couple of things he can beat Clark at.
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