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5ME: Season 3
Latest addition: Five-Minute "The Forgotten" (June 7, 2005)
The Xindi Zeke Archer begins his bold, daring mission in the Expanse by getting captured and needing some big strong men to save him. Sissy.
Anomaly Zeke Archer takes a walk on the black coffee side.
Extinction Zeke Archer, Reed, and Hoshi become a modern Stone Age family. Trip's just peachy.
Rajiin Zeke Archer gets hooked by a Perfect Mate. Trip spices up his financial dealings.
Impulse Zeke T'Pol goes from Subcommander to Zombie...mander.
Exile Zeke Hoshi gets in a Beastly relationship. Archer and Trip have a ball.
The Shipment Zeke Archer learns that not all Xindi are evil, just most. Reed gets in a Major machismo contest. Hoshi falls for someone more charming than Travis.
Twilight Zeke Archer saves the future from himself, Part 2.
North Star Zeke 'Cause I've got faith of the horse... I'm goin' where my horse will take me....
Similitude Zeke Archer and Phlox get in trouble for double-Tripping.
Carpenter Street Zeke Archer and T'Pol travel back in time for some reason.
Chosen Realm Zeke The ship is captured by aliens who see religious issues in half black, half white. Meanwhile, love is in the air, or is it just an aphrodisiac gas?
Proving Ground Zeke The Expanse gets the blues. Travis and Hoshi get the de-angster. Phlox gets the slammer.
Stratagem Zeke Archer takes Degra on a phony ride. Hoshi and Travis tell the truth, the forced truth, and nothing but the truth.
Harbinger Zeke T'Pol, Trip, Reed, and Hayes team up to kill subtlety.
Doctor's Orders Zeke Phlox learns that One is the most hallucinogenic number. Guest starring Samus Aran!
Hatchery Zeke Ho hatches the hatchers?
New! Azati Prime Zeke Archer vs. the future, Round 3 -- will Travis be the first casualty?
New! Damage Zeke Will Archer become a pirate? And if so, can he train Porthos to perch on his shoulder?
New! The Forgotten Zeke Archer gets his used-car salesman on. Reed and Hoshi get Travis back from an even more mediocre life. Samus gets equipped with Bubble Lead. No, wait....
Zeke = (2.718)² / 12 = 0.616.
The Council Zeke Can Archer persuade the Councillors? He'll give it a Troi.
Countdown Zeke 47... 46... 45... 44... (well, come on, where else could it start?)
Zero Hour Zeke Archer wins the ballgame in sudden-death overtime. Then there's Nazis!
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