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May 29, 2005

(Want to skip the boring intro? Do.)

For years now, there's been talk of 5MV merchandise. Shirts. Clocks. Hats. A teddy bear was actually available at one point, but I never linked to the store -- I had doubts about CafePress which turned out to be thoroughly justified. But if you don't go through CafePress, you have to find another site or go it alone... and so far I haven't gotten around to trying either. Going it alone is the best option financially, but you need to have the capital to get started. Right now my only capital is the one I live in.

In fact, that's what brings me to bore you folks today. For the next four months, I'm on leave from my Master's program, so I basically have no income. Unfortunately, a man with no income still has outcome, and I've got plenty of that. Let's just say now would be an exceedingly good time for me to start making some money with this site.

Wait! Don't stop reading, at least not till you hit the following sentence: I am not asking for donations. I never intend to, either. For me, that's crossing the line -- as long as this site is something I do for fun, I have no business asking for free money.* Especially since it's not the site I need money for. The Trek Nation hosts us for free, so I have no server costs. What 5MV takes up is time and energy, not money.

Fortunately, evay came up with a great idea that strikes just the right compromise between real merchandise and... uh, non-real merchandise, I guess. It's a way for you guys to help me out and get something back without some sort of huge operation. Without further ado, here it is.

Do you have a favourite fiver? How would you like a copy signed by the author?

For $5.00 Canadian** plus shipping, I'll sign any of my fivers (over 200 to date) and mail it to you. We're only talking about paper here, so the shipping should be very small. To order a fiver, contact me at zeke@fiveminute.net. If you have PayPal, you can pay that way; if not, we'll arrange something else.

As for fivers by people other than me, if the writer wants to participate, $4 will go to that writer and $1 will go to me as a networking fee. Feel free to ask -- the worst he/she can do is say no.***

* Which is not to say that I would turn down free money, mind.

** We considered $4.70, but after thorough analysis, we've determined that it would be less money.

*** There is room for disagreement on this point. (That link was supposed to be to a specific Bob cartoon, but now that I need it, I can't find the stupid thing. It's the one where he hears people saying "The worst they can do is say no" and demonstrates that they're not being imaginative enough. I'll try and fill that link in later.)

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