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6/1 5MV Five-Minute "Caretaker"
5MV Five-Minute "Unimatrix Zero I"
5MV Five-Minute "Counterpoint"
5MV Five-Minute "Scorpion"
5MV Five-Minute "Prey"
5MV Five-Minute "Blood Fever"
6/20 5MV Five-Minute "Unforgettable"
5MV Five-Minute "Barge of the Dead"
6/21 5MV Five-Minute "Projections"
7/7 5MV Five-Minute "Waking Moments"
5MV Five-Minute "Timeless"
7/30 5MV Five-Minute "Sacred Ground"
8/11 5MV Five-Minute "Day of Honor"
9/21 5MV Five-Minute "Time and Again"
5MV Five-Minute "Tuvix"
5MV Five-Minute "Hope and Fear"
5MV Five-Minute "Dark Frontier"
5MV Five-Minute "Muse"
10/7 5MV Five-Minute "Unimatrix Zero II"
10/13 5MV Five-Minute "Imperfection"
10/20 5MV Five-Minute "Drive"
10/27 5MV Five-Minute "Repression"
11/3 5MV Five-Minute "Resolutions"
11/7 5MV Five-Minute "Critical Care"
11/11 5MV Five-Minute "Inside Man"
11/27 5MV Five-Minute "Body and Soul"
12/30 5MV Five-Minute "Nightingale"
1/15 5MV Five-Minute "Flesh and Blood"
1/23 5MV Five-Minute "Investigations"
2/18 5MV Five-Minute "Shattered"
3/5 5MV Five-Minute "Workforce"
3/18 5MV Five-Minute "Repentance"
4/6 5MV Five-Minute "Coda"
4/15 5MV Five-Minute "Author, Author"
TJI TJI #1: Five-Minute Voyager purchased by Microsoft
4/25 5MV Five-Minute "Friendship One"
4/29 5MV Five-Minute "Human Error"
TJI TJI #2: Nausicaans at large?
5/2 5MV Five-Minute "Natural Law"
5/6 TJI TJI #3: Zeke sues Paramount
5/12 5MV Five-Minute "The Void"
5MV Five-Minute "Homestead"
5/13 TJI TJI #4: Beltran slams Five-Minute Voyager
5/17 5MV Five-Minute "Renaissance Man"
5/21 TJI TJI #5: Zeke tempted by the Dark Side
5/26 5MV Five-Minute "Endgame"
5/27 TJI TJI #6: C/7 destroys universe
5/30 5MV Five-Minute "Year of Hell"
6/5 TJI TJI #7: Zeke under fire from Barenaked Ladies
6/13 TJI TJI #8: 'Shippers boycott oxygen
6/20 5MNG Five-Minute Star Trek: First Contact
5MV.8 Five-Minute "Hiatus"
6/25 TJI TJI #9: Zeke to write new This Just In article
6/20 5MV Five-Minute "Course: Oblivion"
6/27 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Snakes in the Grass"
7/1 5MV Five-Minute "Worst Case Scenario"
7/4 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Between Heaven and Hell"
7/11 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Fair-Weather Friends"
7/15 5MV Five-Minute "The Killing Game I"
7/19 5MV Five-Minute "The Killing Game II"
5MV.8 Five-Minute "Magpie"
8/9 TJI TJI #10: Episode II title causes AI research disaster
8/11 5MV Five-Minute "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy"
5MV Five-Minute "Alice"
8/15 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Yesterday's Love Story"
8/27 5MD Five-Minute "Emissary"
5MV.8 Five-Minute "Retrospect"
TJI TJI #11: VVVS8S8 launches
8/29 5MV.8 Five-Minute "In the Eye of Empyrean"
9/5 5MNG Five-Minute "Encounter at Farpoint"
5MV.8 Five-Minute "A Darker Light"
9/6 5MV Five-Minute "Basics I"
9/19 5MV Five-Minute "Basics II"
5MV Five-Minute "Prime Factors"
5MV.8 Five-Minute "Enigmas"
5MV.8 Five-Minute "The Journey"
9/22 TJI TJI #13: Clone Wars, Episode IV: A New Hack
9/26 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Soul Searching"
10/2 5ME Five-Minute "Broken Bow"
10/8 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Remora"
5ME Five-Minute "Fight or Flight"
10/13 5ME Five-Minute "Strange New World"
10/19 5MA Five-Minute "Its Hour Come Round At Last"
5MA Five-Minute "The Widening Gyre"
10/26 5MA Five-Minute "Under the Night"
5MA Five-Minute "An Affirming Flame"
10/31 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Rise and Fall"
5ME Five-Minute "Unexpected"
5ME Five-Minute "Terra Nova"
11/11 5ME Five-Minute "The Andorian Incident"
5MV.8 Five-Minute "The Fall of Shadows I"
11/16 5ME Five-Minute "Breaking the Ice"
5MV.8 Five-Minute "The Fall of Shadows II"
11/17 5ME Five-Minute "Civilization"
12/1 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Jurisprudence"
12/2 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Mind Trap"
12/6 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Through the Fire"
12/14 5MV.8 Five-Minute "One Door Closes"
5ME Five-Minute "Fortunate Son"
5ME Five-Minute "Cold Front"
5MA Five-Minute "Exit Strategies"
5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man
5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man 2
5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man 3
5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man 4
12/17 5MSF Babylon 5: Five-Minute "Atonement"
12/19 5MV.8 Five-Minute "We Shall Overcome"
12/27 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Echoes of the Mind"
12/28 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Distant Elephants"
1/4 TJI TJI #14: New evidence in Beltran trial
1/7 5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man 5
5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man 6
1/9 5MV.8 Five-Minute "Secrets and Lies"
1/13 TJI TJI #15: Trek fan club to start World War III
1/16 5MV.8 Five-Minute "48 Hours"
1/21 5ME Five-Minute "Silent Enemy"
1/25 5ME Five-Minute "Dear Doctor"
2/8 5ME Five-Minute "Sleeping Dogs"
5MA Five-Minute "Home Fires"
2/21 5ME Five-Minute "Shadows of P'Jem"
5ME Five-Minute "Shuttlepod One"
2/22 5MST Five-Minute "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
3/8 TJI TJI #17: TNG characters save Earth from supervillain
5ME Five-Minute "Fusion"
3/27 5ME Five-Minute "Rogue Planet"
4/1 TJI TJI #19: Clone Wars, Episode V: The Empire Zukes Back
5/2 TJI TJI #20: Clone Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Zed Guy
5/23 5ME Five-Minute "Acquisition"
5ME Five-Minute "Oasis"
5/27 5ME Five-Minute "Detained"
5/29 5ME Five-Minute "Vox Sola"
5ME Five-Minute "Fallen Hero"
5ME Five-Minute "Desert Crossing"
5ME Five-Minute "Two Days and Two Nights"
6/2 TJI TJI #22: Scandal strikes new 5MV administration
6/23 5MVG Five-Minute Doom
6/24 5ME Five-Minute "Shockwave I"
8/14 5MV Five-Minute "Future's End"
5MV Five-Minute "Latent Image"
5MA Five-Minute "Ouroboros"
8/16 5MV.9 Five-Minute "Defenders of the Realm"
9/5 5MNG Five-Minute "The Best of Both Worlds"
9/12 5MA Five-Minute "A Heart For Falsehood Framed"
9/18 5MA Five-Minute "Pitiless as the Sun"
10/4 5ME Five-Minute "Shockwave II"
10/9 5ME Five-Minute "Carbon Creek"
10/15 5MF Five-Minute "That Old Black Magic"
11/12 5MV Five-Minute "Revulsion"
12/3 5ME Five-Minute "Vanishing Point"
12/8 TJI TJI #26: UPN to modify Haunted series title
12/21 5MD Five-Minute "You Are Cordially Invited" (with Kira, Marc Richard, and IJD GAF)
1/1 5MSG Five-Minute Stargate
1/13 TJI TJI #28: Science officers demand explanation
2/9 5MSF Movies: Five-Minute Minority Report (with Kira)
TJI TJI #30: Sci-fi cleans up at Sci-Fi Emmys
2/18 5ME Five-Minute "Cease Fire"
2/22 5MST Five-Minute "The Menagerie"
5MST Five-Minute Star Trek: The Motion Picture
4/1 5ME Five-Minute "Minefield"
4/9 5ME Five-Minute "The Crossing"
4/24 5ME Five-Minute "The Breach"
5/4 TJI TJI #31: Berman, Braga not actually Hitler
5/24 TJI TJI #32: "Star Trek" removed from Pledge of Allegiance
6/20 5MV Five-Minute "Non Sequitur"
6/21 5MNG Five-Minute "All Good Things..."
8/4 5MF Five-Minute "Prayer"
5MB Five-Minute "The Wish"
5MAngel Angel: Five-Minute "Birthday"
8/28 5ME Five-Minute "Dead Stop"
9/2 TJI TJI #35: New Line announces endless LotR marathons
9/4 5ME Five-Minute "A Night in Sickbay"
9/6 5MNG Five-Minute "The Measure of a Man"
9/9 5MNG Five-Minute "Redemption"
9/13 5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man 7
9/16 5ME Five-Minute "The Xindi"
9/22 5ME Five-Minute "Anomaly"
10/2 5ME Five-Minute "Extinction"
10/4 5MSF Babylon 5: Five-Minute "Midnight on the Firing Line"
10/8 5ME Five-Minute "Rajiin"
10/12 5MAngel Angel: Five-Minute "Conviction"
10/17 5ME Five-Minute "Impulse"
5ME Five-Minute "Exile"
11/1 5MSF Five-Minute The Ring
11/9 TJI TJI #36: Fan coalition demands less complicated Enterprise
11/24 TJI TJI #37: Jackson facing hobbit-molestation charges
12/1 5ME Five-Minute "Carpenter Street"
1/4 5ME Five-Minute "The Shipment"
1/12 5ME Five-Minute "Twilight"
1/23 5ME Five-Minute "North Star"
2/1 5ME Five-Minute "Similitude"
2/2 5MVG Five-Minute Mega Man: The Game Boy Games
3/1 TJI TJIB #1: Return of the King wins all awards
4/1 (Five-Minute Cheese event begins)
5MC Five-Minute Survivor
5MC Five-Minute Xena: Warrior Princess
5MC Five-Minute Dawson's Creek
4/2 5MC Five-Minute Birds of Prey
4/3 5MC Five-Minute Lois & Clark
4/4 5MOC The OC: Five-Minute The Pilot
4/5 5MC Five-Minute Average Joe
4/6 5MC Five-Minute Felicity
4/9 5MC LEXX: Five-Minute I Worship His Shadow
4/24 5MST Five-Minute "Bem"
5/12 5ME Five-Minute "E2"
5/18 5ME Five-Minute "Chosen Realm"
5/23 5ME Five-Minute "The Council"
5/24 5ME Five-Minute "Proving Ground"
5/26 5ME Five-Minute "Countdown"
5/29 5ME Five-Minute "Stratagem"
6/2 5ME Five-Minute "Harbinger"
6/5 5ME Five-Minute "Doctor's Orders"
6/8 5ME Five-Minute "Hatchery"
6/13 5MD Five-Minute "The Way of the Warrior"
6/26 5MOC The OC: Five-Minute The Proposal
8/9 TJI TJI #41: Executive producer of Trek becomes elected position
8/16 TJI TJI #42: Invited candidates for Trek position announced
9/1 TJI TJI #43: New candidates enter eTrektion race
10/2 5MAngel Five-Minute "City Of...."
2/22 5MST Five-Minute "Balance of Terror"
4/1 5ME Five-Second Enterprise: Season 4
4/7 5MV Five-Second Voyager: Season 6
4/8 5MSF Five-Second Babylon 5: Season 3
4/10 5MOC Five-Second The OC: Season 2
4/21 5MF Five-Second Farscape: Season 1
5MAngel Five-Second Angel: Season 4
5MV63 5ME55 5MV.826 5MNG11
5MA9 5MVG8 5MSF8 5MC8
5MST7 5MD5 5MAngel3 5MF2
5MOC2 5MV.91 5MSG1 5MB1
(Note: Movies and two-part episodes are counted as two fivers each.)
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