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Statistics: Derek Dean

compiled by Zeke

3/8 5MNG Five-Minute Star Trek: Generations
6/11 5MNG Five-Minute "Elementary, Dear Data"
8/1 5MST Five-Minute "The Deadly Years"
5MST Five-Minute "Wolf in the Fold"
8/7 5MNG Five-Minute "Home Soil"
8/25 5MST Five-Minute "Bread and Circuses"
9/5 5MNG Five-Minute "Coming of Age"
9/8 5MST Five-Minute "Who Mourns For Adonais?"
5MD Five-Minute "Babel"
9/22 5MST Five-Minute "Charlie X"
9/28 5MST Five-Minute "Is There In Truth No Beauty?"
10/6 5MNG Five-Minute "Allegiance"
10/30 5MST Five-Minute "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth"
12/2 5MNG Five-Minute "Firstborn"
12/7 5MST Five-Minute "The Magicks of Megas-Tu"
12/9 5MNG Five-Minute "A Fistful of Datas"
12/10 5MNG Five-Minute "Clues"
12/11 5MNG Five-Minute "Silicon Avatar"
3/7 5MD Five-Minute "Cardassians"
4/8 5MV Five-Minute "Dreadnought"
4/14 5MNG Five-Minute "Brothers"
5/4 (Mudd Day)
5MST Five-Minute "Mudd's Women"
5MST Five-Minute "I, Mudd"
5MST Five-Minute "Mudd's Passion"
5/24 5MD Five-Minute "Paradise"
6/10 (5MD is relaunched, with Derek as Section Head)
5MD Five-Minute "In the Hands of the Prophets"
5MD Five-Minute "The Jem'Hadar"
5MD Five-Minute "The Adversary"
5MD Five-Minute "Broken Link"
5MD Five-Minute "Call to Arms"
5MD Five-Minute "Tears of the Prophets"
6/15 5MSF Sliders: Five-Minute "Prince of Wails"
6/17 5MNG Five-Minute "Future Imperfect"
6/18 5MD Five-Minute "Shattered Mirror"
6/19 5MST Five-Minute "The Alternative Factor"
6/21 5MSF Sliders: Five-Minute "Gillian of the Spirits"
8/9 5MD Five-Minute "The Nagus"
5MD Five-Minute "Tribunal"
8/24 5MD Five-Minute "The Collaborator"
9/13 5MVG Five-Minute Super Mario Bros.
5MVG Five-Minute Legend of Zelda
9/21 5MD Five-Minute "Equilibrium"
10/31 5MD Five-Minute "Empok Nor"
11/17 5MD Five-Minute "Prophet Motive"
1/9 5MSF The X-Files: Five-Minute "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"
4/3 5MC Five-Minute Smallville
4/13 5MSF Five-Minute Back to the Future
5MSF Five-Minute Back to the Future II
5MSF Five-Minute Back to the Future III
6/10 5MD Five-Minute "For the Cause"
5MD Five-Minute "For the Uniform"
5MD Five-Minute "Blaze of Glory"
6/16 5MNG Five-Minute "Pen Pals"
6/27 TJI TJI #40: Five-Minute Voyager in danger of cancellation?
8/21 5MD Five-Minute "Life Support"
8/22 5MD Five-Minute "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River"
9/5 5MNG Five-Minute "Violations"
9/9 TJI TJIB #2: Florida hurricanes not Xindi attack
10/2 5MAngel Five-Minute "Parting Gifts"
10/3 5MAngel Five-Minute "The Trial"
10/7 5MAngel Five-Minute "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco"
10/31 5MST Five-Minute "Catspaw"
12/22 5MV Five-Minute "Fair Trade"
12/23 5MV Five-Minute "Riddles"
5MD21 5MNG14 5MST13 5MSF9
5MV3 5MAngel3 5MVG2 5MC1
(Note: Movies and two-part episodes are counted as two fivers each.)
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