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Latest addition: Five-Minute Castlevania (11/6)
Mega Man
by Zeke
Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy
Legend of Zelda
Castlevania Zeke In every generation there is a Belmont. He alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, the werewolves, the mummies, the Grim Reapers, the bats, the zombies, the Medusa Heads, the axe armours, and the other forces of darkness. He is a sucker.
Chex Quest Tate In which you get to play a cereal killer. AAAAAA! It hurts! I deserve it but it hurts!
Chex Quest 2 Tate The flemoids come back for another bowl.
Chrono Trigger SimonBob Annoyed with the five-character name limit, Crono earns a reputation as a slasher. Don't worry, Lucca, not that way.
Doom Zeke Blurbs fail me.
EarthBound SimonBob Ness deals with titanic ants, Pokey, and people like me who want to make Loch Ness Monster jokes.
Half-Life SimonBob Gordon must escape Lwaxana Troi and a society where people are killed at age 60... wait, that's completely wrong. What was I watching?
House of the Dead Dekar Two gun-wielding agents must defeat a house full of zombies. They'd better bring a lot of quarters.
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Tate Can the human race overcome its petty conflicts in time to get killed by an alien planet?
New! Sid Meier's Civilization III Tate A game of global domination? I dunno... sounds risky.
StarTropics SimonBob Mike takes on legions of deadly foes with a yo-yo. I'd have insisted on fuzzy dice at the absolute least.
Star Trek: Armada Wowbagger The Federation has one of those days.
Star Trek: Elite Force Kosst Amojan A squad of MACOs defend Voyager from Borg, bad guys, and bashers. They also shoot Neelix at every opportunity, but all such missions have collateral damage.
Super Mario Bros. Derek Dean Mario and Luigi save the Princess. Well, not so much Luigi.
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