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5MV: Virtual Season 8
Hiatus Zeke Janeway gets nostalgic for those old Season 1 days.
Snakes in the Grass Zeke The Cardassians borrow Seven for a while. Voyager charges interest.
Between Heaven and Hell Zeke Chakotay indulges in his love of caves yet again. Icheb proves that the universe is complacent.
Fair-Weather Friends Zeke Janeway and Chakotay discover the joys of redundancy.
Magpie Zeke Doc gets ethnic. Janeway takes a hefty demotion.
Yesterday's Love Story Zeke Janeway gets Lokalized and learns of the evils of subtlety.
Retrospect Zeke B'Elanna pulls a "Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night."
In the Eye of Empyrean Zeke Janeway and Chakotay finally cave in. Tuvok reads some spoilers.
A Darker Light Zeke Sernaix commander "I'm With Stupid" Vex crashes Harry and Seven's road trip.
Enigmas Zeke Chakotay finds Data's head. Janeway sticks it to the Man.
The Journey Zeke Icheb one-ups Chakotay, effortlessly. Seven finally gets the proof she needs. Doc's brain explodes.
Soul Searching Zeke Janeway grosses out a cutesy kid. Sam Wildman demonstrates her leadership skills.
Remora Zeke Kim pays a visit to the land of Oz. Ken dies to save Barbie.
Rise and Fall Zeke Axum gets axed. Janeway gets shanghaied. Kim gets squashed. Doc gets his groove back.
The Fall of Shadows Zeke Starfleet brings some Weird Sisters to justice. Miral takes a vacation. Janeway deals with biased barristers, angry Axanar, and vigilant Vorlons.
Jurisprudence Zeke Doc can't teach an old Maddox new tricks. Janeway uncovers a fake Skinner.
Mind Trap Zeke Seven straddles the line between the Dark Side and, Non-Dark Side.
Through the Fire Zeke Admiral Bland saves Commander Bland. Seven meets a few thousand of her enemies. Miral gets medieval.
One Door Closes Zeke Janeway gets the Worst News Ever. Chakotay finds out what his dad was up to during "Resolutions."
We Shall Overcome Zeke To get himself taken seriously, Doc becomes a hippie.
Echoes of the Mind Zeke Lovebirds Harry and Seven defeat the eeeeevil Section 31. B'Elanna gets sick for a really good reason.
Distant Elephants Zeke Janeway and Chakotay try one last gambit to shut up the J/Cers. Tuvok gets his revenge.
Secrets and Lies Zeke Harry takes Section 31 for Granted. Janeway meets her long-lost sister from Friends. Isylpah wins the Silliest Ayrenath Name award.
48 Hours Zeke Janeway and Chakotay finally finish killing C/7. Miral becomes The One. Tuvok drops off his excess baggage. Harry uses way too much vanishing cream.
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