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5MV Update History

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APRIL 2005


April 1

So it finally occurred to me -- this site has strayed from its mission. My fivers used to be short, but nowadays it takes about a week to read one. Well, no more! From now on, this is Five-Second Voyager. And that's good news for you, because my backlog just shrank from one-twelfth its normal length to one-seven-hundred-twentieth. I've already caught up on Season 4, and that's just today!

In other news, we now know why evay likes seeing Trip injured all the time: her ultimate goal is to cripple him. Fetishist.



April 7

Okay, maybe this wasn't the massive timesaver I thought it would be. Nonetheless, the five-seconding of 5MV continues! By popular request, feast your eyes on the all-new, all-microscopic Voyager, Season 6.



April 8

None of you saw this coming! None of you! Continuing the Five-Second Voyager event, here's one of my all-time favourite sf seasons: Babylon 5, Season 3. (5MB5's not on a PHP system yet, so these are all on one page.)



April 10

Betcha didn't see this one coming either: The OC, Season 2. (Again, all on one page due to lack of PHP, and the layout of the top of the page is improvised.) For everyone who's worried that this event will drag ever on and on -- and let's face it, that's probably all of you -- rest assured that Five-Minute Voyager will resume non-self-parodiacal operation tomorrow. (The OC five-seconders, however, are not the last batch.) That'll make sure this event is shorter than Five-Minute Cheese was, and give it a nice round ten-day length. Decalogies are still cool, right?



April 18

Crap! Again! Not dead, just in constant battle with my neuroses. The next two updates are very nearly done, so I should be able to get tomorrow's update posted by midnight. There's quite a bit of substance to that update, including what I hope will be the solution to the on-again-off-again nature of 5MV's email update list.

For today, though, I'm deeply disheartened to report that TrekUnited has failed in its campaign to get Enterprise a fifth season. It wasn't a matter of insufficient funding or means; Paramount simply couldn't be budged. And on one level, we can't really fault them. Star Trek is theirs and it's their prerogative to call a halt, for better or for worse. TU's proposition was in some ways a lose-lose for them. If Season 5 had been lousy, it would have reflected on Paramount by association; if Season 5 had been great, it would have made them look like fools, shown up by a bunch of Trek geeks. Maybe this was what they were thinking... though given how clear it is that Paramount's biggest concern is the bottom line, it's still surprising that they managed to turn down all that money.

TU is beginning the refund process, so if you were able to donate anything to the cause, you'll be getting it back soon. My advice? Give it to some deserving charity. You weren't expecting to get it back, so presumably you can live without it -- and there are many other worthy causes to whom it could make a big difference. TU's detractors have been fond of claiming that the money being spent on Trek could be saving lives. That objection is grossly unfair and naive... but now that the money isn't being spent on Trek, why not do some good with it?

Finally, on a more lighthearted note, a reader pointed me to this Garfield strip. Hey, that's deep thought in my book.



April 21

Update days are here again! The Five-Second Voyager event is over, but you may recall I mentioned that the OC batch wasn't going to be the last one. Indeed it wasn't, for here are two more: Farscape, Season 1 and Angel, Season 4.

The reason for this apparent contradiction is that like Five-Minute Cheese last year, Five-Second Voyager has been so much fun there's no reason not to continue it as an intermittent feature. Whenever I do a fiver for a series I don't normally work with, I find myself wanting to play around with that series more often, but I can't do fivers for all of them; this "five-second" thing is a good compromise. I wanted to hit a couple more of my favourites before moving on, so here they are. (I've also updated the ENT and OC pages with last week's episodes.) Don't be surprised to see more five-seconders eventually.

In other news, I ran a little experiment recently. Read Ringing Pavlov's Bell to find out what it was and how it turned out.

(Note to TripHammered readers: the reason the site's been down recently is that the DNS is changing over. evay expects that to be done sometime today. Server issues... can we relate or can we relate?)



April 27

Yo. Sorry about the dry spell; there's one biggish update I want to do next and I just can't seem to focus on the stupid thing. There will likely be no update either tomorrow or Friday, because I'll be busy moving my stuff back home to Ottawa for the summer. That's not a guarantee, though. (I guess if anything it would be an anti-guarantee....)

While you're waiting, those of you who are fans of The Ring and/or DC Comics can always check out my latest LJ post. And all of you should watch the Serenity trailer. I'm so jealous of Jade, who's actually seen the movie already -- a preview screening, that is.


April 30

Intercity travel is more fun by Greyhound bus than by rented minivan crammed to bursting with your stuff. Good to be back, yo. It'll take me a couple of days to get in gear, but for today, here's a five-seconder to whet your appetite for... stuff.

Five-Second "The Tholian Web"

Spock: The loss of Captain Kirk is tragic, but we must do what he would, and put the ship first. Helm, set a course for the biggest hole in the Tholians' hilariously slow web.
McCoy: You monster! If you cared about what Jim would do, you would go to your quarters with a yeoman and a keg, and leave me in charge!
Kirk's Ghost: BOO! Now could you two please stop bickering and save me?
McCoy: Jim! You're alive! Spock, how do we -- Spock?
Spock: (hiding behind the command chair) Is it gone?


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